Thursday, August 04, 2005

Google Search: 04-Aug-05 17:53

Results: about 25,000 for "struggle against violent extremism". (0.25 seconds)

So President Bush says he thinks that he is still at war, and that is that? No more MSM discussion. A fickle lot. But search results increasing at roughly 120 per day show that the conversation is still somewhat alive in blogland: search: 658 posts about: "struggle against violent extremism".
I searched Google to see how "War on Terror" is doing and I got about 8.1 million results, which is going backwards from yesterday's 8.6 million. Maybe Google gets tired of counting in the pre-double digit millions and means it when it says "about 8" point something million results.
Meanwhile, those most affected by it are searching for their own meaningful descriptors.
Macomb community decides on name for Iraq war

"August 4, 2005, 4:37 AM

"Call it Iraq. That's how the war in which U.S. Army Pvt. Mark Barbret died will be described on a monument honoring the 22-year-old Macomb County soldier."

"Some favored the 'War on Terror' and others 'Operation Iraqi Freedom,' Pentagon designations for the war. Others said those names amount to pro-war editorials, rather than neutral descriptions of the conflict."

"After postponing action last month, the township board on Tuesday unanimously adopted Barbret's family's request that his name appear on the memorial under the word "Iraq," The Macomb Daily of Mount Clemens reported."

I know what is vampiring the topic. It's this idiotic notion of "Intelligent Design":

Technorati Search Results: 17,751 posts about: "intelligent design"

According to Technorati "Intelligent Design" is the most posted blog topic as we go to press.

President Bush has stated that he supports ID theory being taught alongside Darwin's Theory of Evolution through Natural Selection in schools. If he means it's OK to introduce ID theory into religious classes, then fine. Plenty of religions have press-ganged pseudosciences into service for them. But it is still odd that our dear leader of the free world is concerning himself with a minutia of the school curriculum for about 20 schools in Texas. The recently reclaimed G-WOT must be going well indeed. And if he means for this theory to be taught in the social science classes then he may have some grounds to mount a defensible argument. Some people just might find it interesting that this meme has any traction and want to study why. But if he means for ID to be taught in biology class, well he can just fuck off!!

Science, my friends, is sacred. And, hey Dubya, Darwin sits high the Pantheon.

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