Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Google Search: 03-Aug-05 17:09

Results: about 25,000 for "struggle against violent extremism". (0.15 seconds)

Ah, now the wheels are digging in. But wait ... let us eavesdrop on those of the blogosphere before we jump to conclusions. The following via Fish Wars on Cars suggests an insight into why our new baby is kangaroo-hopping and clutch-starting all over the shop:
"Last fall I was told by friends in the counter terror community that the NSC was pushing to change the Global War on Terrorism into the War on Extremism (WOE). "The original intent was to eliminate GWOT and replace it with WOE (I realize this sounds like a skit from the Daily Show, but it is the honest to God truth). Apparently someone at the White House realized that WOE would provide endless grist for comedy writers and decided instead to go with GSAVE."
No kidding, but I don't think one can say "Struggle against Jihad" and keep much of a straight face for any length of time either. The last para captures my first impressions (although I had not known about WOE):
"At the end of the day this episode is a reminder of why Bin Laden is still at large. We cannot even agree on what to call the fight against Islamic radicals (FAIR is already taken as an acronym). We had WOT, thought about WOE, moved to GSAVE and may go back to WOT. Someone needs to find out WHAT is happening."

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