Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Google search: 02-Aug-05 11:40

Results: about 19,500 for "struggle against violent extremism". (0.15 seconds)

It looks like we have lost traction here. Nary a mutter on the matter. And with the bloggers?
Technorati.com search: 534 posts about: "struggle against violent extremism"
Just shy of 100 more posts, as the blogs chew over the cud. Or is that crud? So how strong is the parent brand doing?
Google Search: -
Results: about 8,640,000 for "War On Terror". (0.29 seconds)
600,000 more references than on 30/07/2005. Guys, unless you have money to throw at the problem, your new brand is going to sink. I'll check in next week.

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