Sunday, July 31, 2005

Google search: 31-Jul-05 01:18

Results: about 15,900 for "struggle against violent extremism". (0.22 seconds)

Now we see a threefold increase in the populating of G-SAVE. A quick glance at the top thirty listings showed that the term has hit the blogwaves accompanied by hoots of derision. Just how is the term going down as a replacement for the cuckolded "War on Terror"? There are indications that there is still some life in the old boiler yet:
NewsRadio 600 WREC Radio Poll:Are we in a "war on terror" or a "global struggle against violent extremism?"
The Bush administration has stopped using the phrase "War on Terror", instead describing the conflict as a "global struggle against violent extremism." Which term do you think should be used?

War on terror .................................54.1%
Global struggle against extremism ......45.8%
Perhaps most people still perceive that 'War' and not 'Struggle'is the appropriate response to bombings in London, resurgences of Taliban activity, bombings in Egypt, and ongoing carnage In Iraq.

It baffels me why no one seems to be picking up on the obvious: That the 'violent extremism' being referred to is generated by those that call their global venture 'Jihad', which, translated, is 'struggle'.

Are we saying that none of the geniuses in marketing realised they signed off on a Struggle against Struggle? Don't no one study Aristotlian Logic no more? If our enemies retort by declaring a "Jihad against Jihad" then what? I said THEN WOT?

OK, there is a subset of 234 people ( or rather 234 results from a Google search of terms "jihad" and "struggle against violent extremism" - so far) who have made the connection. That is 1.49% of today's 15,900 Google returns. No wonder Bush was re-elected.


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